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The Wilcox Eliminator

elementorThe Wilcox Eliminator represents a complete tillage strategy and field optimized system for advanced growers who understand the complexities of today’s farm economics and the powerful application potential of the WILCOX APPLIED BENEFIT™ engineering that has gone into the design and fabrication of the Wilcox Eliminator.

The annual economic impact to improved farm profitability, cash flow and return on investment make investing in a Wilcox Eliminator a high priority for any grower seriously looking to maximize profitability, cash flow and capital investment return, and to reap the full benefits of today’s high horsepower tractors.

The Eliminator is the first tillage tool capable of both primary and secondary tillage operations from a single pass operation. It has proven to dramatically reduce field tillage costs through reduced number of field passes required from post harvest to new crop planting, often replacing several single pass operations (stubble disking, plowing, chiseling, land planting, finish disking, pre-fertilization, etc.). Depending on individual field conditions, the Eliminator may reduce total tillage passes to as few as a one to two passes operation. This meets the criteria for today’s most prominent farm tillage strategies referred to in various growing regions across the county as Conservation tillage” or single pass tillage in some cases.

Specific Wilcox Eliminator models are designed to maximize application results for leafy produce crops such as lettuce and celery or for high stubble crops like cotton, corn and tomatoes. Wilcox Eliminators have proven their operational effectiveness in sandy soils, heavy ground and wet ground conditions.

The WILCOX APPLIED DESIGN TECHNOLOGY™ demonstrated by the Eliminator maximizes:

  • post harvest residue incorporation, improving soil organic matter
  • soil fracturing and aeration for improved irrigation efficiency
  • thorough soil mulching and leveling for high quality seed bed preparation
  • effective fertilizer and herbicide incorporation(optional) for maximum field pass efficiency
  • reduced “tillage work in the field” time period, helping meet optimum planting windows

All of this adds up to improved crop yields at dramatically reduced tillage costs (by reducing fuel, equipment maintenance and manpower costs), using environmentally desirable tillage strategies.

On it’s own merits or when teamed up the with the Wilcox Rip Lister, HD Performer or Rip Tiller, the Eliminator elevates the ag tillage game the highest obtainable levels yet! The Wilcox Eliminator provides an unbeatable, winning combination for grower success in today’s challenging farm environment


  • Maximum tinsel strength steel and high tech welding fabrication for rugged field durability.
  • Chisel depth 6” to 16”
  • High shank clearance allows for high stubble conditions.
  • "Coastal/Vegetable" model set up with hydraulic coulters mounted in front of chisel shanks to maximize crop residue cutting action.
  • "Inland/High Stubble" model set up with hydraulic single coulter strategically placed in front of each chisel shanks to improve shank penetration efficiency and maximize trash breakdown.
  • Wilcox HEAVY DUTY, DOUBLE PASS MULCHING ROTOR is deigned for maximum crop residue breakdown, seed bed leveling and soil tilth finishing action and incorporation of pre-plant fertilizer and herbicide options when applied. Rotor action also sorts clods for further break down by trailing coil roller and ring roller.
  • Coil rollers pack soil for improved clod breaking action, which assists trailing ring roller in further clod break down. This series of actions results in improved soil capilary/wick moisture movement.



  • "Coastal/Vegetable" model designed for for leafy crops like lettuce, celery, broccoli, spinach, etc.
  • "Inland/High Stubble" model designed for high residue stubble crops like corn, safflower, barley, tomatoes, cotton etc.
  • Special float sweep for cotton plow down
  • 11 ft witdth/11 Shanks; 13 ft width/13 shanks; 15 ft width/15 shanks; 17 ft width/17 shanks; 21 ft width/21 shanks
  • Heel sweep
  • Fertilizer attachment
  • Folding unit configuration for 17’ and 21’ models
  • Air seeder compatibility for combining single pass tillage and grain planting.
  • Extreme heavy duty wheel packages with 385/65 x 22.5



  • Tractor horsepower requirements varies with individual field and crop conditions, but typically run 30 hp/fit of Eliminator width, +/- 5 hp.
  • Speed: 5-7 mph