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Artificial Turf

Mega Twister


  • For tractors from 45HP.
  • Due to its whisper turbine, the Mega Twister is the ideal machine for blowing leaves on park grounds, in residential areas, and on golf courses.
  • Due to its unique swivel mechanism, the blowing unit can swivel 270 degrees.
  • This allows the leaves to be blown continuously in one direction without backing up or turning around.
  • The blow out nozzle can be set vertically, so that the air stream can be adjusted to the prevailing conditions.
  • The large support wheels float with the undulations of the ground.


Terra Brush


  • For brushing in sand and rubber crumbs, straightening the turf fibers, and leveling the surface.
  • Available as an attachment for a three-point hitch tractor hitch or as a model that can be towed by a vehicle with a tow bar (utility vehicle).
  • The carriage can be lifted out hydraulically or electrically.
  • The special zigzag arrangement of the individual brush strips achieves an even distribution of the infill, improving the ability of the ball to roll and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Choose between hard or soft bristles, depending upon need.


Terra Clean 100


  • Made for the quick and efficient collection of surface debris such as leaves, paper, seeds, glass, plastic, and other debris.
  • This ground driven, pull-behind machine is an affordable sweeper that is easy to use.
  • It has a ground driven rotary brush that brings debris along with some crumb rubber or infill onto a mechanical vibrating screen that separates the debris from the crumb rubber.
  • The crumb rubber is redistributed back onto the field and the debris is collected in an easily removable hopper.
  • This machine can be used indoors or outdoors with just about any type of tow vehicle.


Terra Clean 160


  • Intensively cleans artificial turf surfaces as deep as 1.5 cm.
  • Three integrated cyclone filter units clean the dust components out of the air without getting clogged. This allows the cleaning performance to remain constant.
  • This machine works well in moist conditions as well as dry conditions.
  • The debris is collected with a special sweeping brush driven by the PTO shaft and made of four brush rails which carry the debris and surface fill material onto the multiple riddle screen.
  • This screen is supported by spring elements and consists of two interchangeable sieving levels. The sieving procedure separates the debris from reusable fill material and collects it separately into two basket units.
  • A very quiet drum ventilator creates a vacuum in order to suck the fill material and debris into the machine.
  • The blower sucks the dust through the sieve and into the cyclone filter where the particles are pushed out and down along the cyclone outer wall and into the dust collector.
  • The clean air is conducted out with an exhaust air duct.
  • The rest of the collected materials are filtered twice, creating granulate that can be reapplied to the artificial turf surface.


Terra Groom


  • Fits any vehicle above 15 horsepower.

  • Utilized to brush in sand and any other top dressing to achieve even distribution of infill on surfaces without leaving lines and stripes.
  • Breaks down cores and disperses dew.
  • Improves the roll of a golf ball and reduces mower maintenance, while promoting healthy grass growth.
  • When used on artificial turf, the Terra Groom raises the artificial turf fibers and levels the surface of the turf.
  • Consists of three rows of special groomers.  Two rows are straight and one row is zig zag mounted.
  • The groomers can be easily interchanged as they are attached with two bolts.
  • Has a working width of 74" and is available with a 3-point hitch mounting frame to attach it to a tractor.  Alternatively, the Terra Groom can be fitted with bogey wheels and an electric actuator to be attached to utility vehicles.


Terra Rake


  • The Terra Rake loosens compacted infill, opens the turf surface, and breaks up compaction to allow the water to flow off properly, resulting in the prevention of algae and fungus.
  • Can be characterized by its sturdy construction and longevity.
  • The Terra Rake is an attachment to the 3-point tractor hitch categories I and O.
  • Because of its high speed, the undulating tines of the TERRA RAKE are offset by heavy vibrations that loosen up the sand.
  • The special spring steel tines are arranged in 5 rows.
  • The narrow distance of half an inch between the rows still allows sufficient clearance for the loosening work without obstruction.


Whisper Twister


  • For blowing leaves in parks, in residential areas, on golf greens, and on athletic fields.  The WHISPER TWISTER will attach to tractors with at least 25 HP.
  • Whisper turbine.
  • Unique patented swivel mechanism for swiveling steadily by 180 by means of only one hydraulic cylinder or electric spindle.
  • Leaves can be blown continuously into one direction without backing up.
  • Efficient working all around from left to right without turning around.
  • The blow out nozzle can be adjusted vertically.
  • The large support wheel ensures easy adjustment to undulations and rough ground.