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Rotary Rakes

This product range lines up 1 to 6-rotor machines and thus has the right machine for every application. The KRONE Jet Effect avoids crop contamination and damage to the turf. Swadro is the name for absolutely clean swaths and high-quality forage.

Better and faster – with the KRONE Lift Tines
All rakes are specified with the new Lift Tines which are kinked in two different positions. This optimized design brings special advantages which have been determined in field trials by KRONE and verified by a DLG test.

The DLG Focus Test proves that KRONE Lift Tines boost your productivity.
A comparison of these tines and traditional tines shows

  • that KRONE Lift Tines rake up clearly more material per hectare at identical work rates and tine settings than traditional tines, cutting the loss rate in half.
  • that KRONE Lift Tines deliver clearly higher work rates without compromising on the quality of work while increasing the overall output by up to 27%.
  • that KRONE Lift Tines give more effective rakes and protect the sward. The tines are set to a 1 cm larger ground clearance yet give the same quality of work.
  • that KRONE Lift Tines lead to better quality forage thanks to the Lift effect and their higher ground clearance which minimize crop contamination.