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JD Financial

At King Ranch Ag Turf, we've partnered with JD Financial to offer you unparalleled financing options tailored to your agricultural and turf management needs. Our collaboration with JD Financial ensures that you have access to competitive rates, flexible terms, and expert guidance to support your equipment investments. Whether you're a seasoned farmer or a landscaping professional, our JD Financial partnership provides a seamless path to acquiring the tools necessary to drive success in your operations. Trust in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction as we help you navigate the financing process with ease. Explore our JD Financial page today and unlock the financial resources you need to propel your agricultural and turf management endeavors to new heights.

Why Finance Through JD Financial?

It’s important to have your financing work as hard as your equipment does. John Deere Financial offers value no other lender can - a deep understanding of your industry, unmatched equipment expertise, and personalized financial solutions that can be quickly arranged through your dealer at the time of your purchase. For generations, we’ve been here to make equipment financing easy and affordable. And we’ll be here for you - for the long run.

  • Nothing less than world-class support
  • Multiple finance solutions for your products and services made quick and easy
  • Processes designed to assist you in the smoothest, most efficient way
  • Customized solutions — help choosing the best financial mix to support your needs
  • Unmatched industry expertise
  • Tailored terms, flexible payments, and cost-effective maintenance plans


Lawn & Garden Financing

Personal financing for Riding Lawn Tractors, ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mowers, Gator™ Utility Vehicles, and Compact Tractors.

Make yard work and home projects a breeze with dependable and flexible financing options that work for you.

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Landscaping & Grounds Care Financing

Financing for Commercial Mowers and Gator Utility Vehicles

Conserve cash so you can grow your landscaping business, stay financially sound, and worry less about what’s ahead.

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Golf & Sports Turf Equipment Leasing

Financing for Golf Course Mowers and Specialty Equipment.

Reduced maintenance costs. Your leased golf equipment will be under warranty.

Flexible payment schedule. Choose your payment date and opt for direct payments.

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Agricultural Financing

Financing for Large and Compact Tractors, Sprayers, Combines, Tillage Equipment, Utility Vehicles, and More.

Get lease and loan options for all the equipment you need to keep your farm running, acreage maintained, and animals comfortable.

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Construction Financing

Financing for Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Articulated Dump Trucks, Backhoes, Skidders, Compact Construction Equipment, and More.

Climb into the equipment you need for your construction or forestry company with flexible financing options from experts who know your business and the challenges you face.

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Municipal Leasing

Government leasing

As capital budgets shrink, and workloads increase, explore low-cost, low-risk alternatives to installment loans or outright purchase of equipment specifically geared towards municipalities.

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