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Unverferth 210 - 2 Seed Boxes

Unverferth 210 - 2 Seed Boxes for sale at King Ranch Ag & Turf

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Unverferth 210 - 2 Seed Boxes for sale at King Ranch Ag & Turf

Seed Pro Bulk Box Tender 210 - 2 Seed Boxes

The Unverferth Seed Pro® bulk box carrier seed tender not only delivers seed directly to your planter or drill, you can position it 90 degrees to the unit for conveying between two other sources. Models 410XL and 410 easily carry four 50 seed unit boxes while the model 210 carries two boxes. For optimum transport safe... + Read More





The Unverferth Seed Pro bulk box carrier seed tender features a patented design so the conveyor can rotate 90° and be positioned parallel to the tender to easily transfer material from one location to another. Every conveyor is equipped with a convenient conveyor arm locking mechanism and spring lift assist for easy handling when pivoting the conveyor.


Handling your high-value seed with the greatest care is crucial for any seed tender. At Unverferth, we’ve spent years researching and testing different designs, resulting in the Seed Pro conveyor which excels in protecting your high-value seed investment.


The patented 5-ply rubber conveyor belt features offset rows of cupped cleats to minimize seed damage while providing a greater carrying capacity. The offset in each cleat allows the belt to cup inside the conveyor tube and pass by each other to reduce seed pinching.


If you’re filling a larger central fill planter or drill, the 8” conveyor tube on models 410XL and 410 is a good choice for unloading up to 35 bushels per minute.


Conveyor length is measured from center of the top bearing to center of the bottom bearing for a true measurement of side reach and unloading height.


Model 410XL utilizes a 21’ long conveyor with a maximum unloading height of 13’6” and features 52” of hydraulically-operated vertical height adjustment.


The Seed Pro is standard with an electric 2-function wired remote that raises/lowers the conveyor and turns the conveyor on/off.

All models can be equipped with optional wireless remote packages that can be found in the accessories section.


Every conveyor is equipped with the Smooth-Start engagement feature which gently brings the conveyor belt up to maximum speed, which increases the belt life.


The conveyor can be stored in the front or swung 180° to the rear of the seed tender for convenient road transport. Stainless steel rollers and roller plates allow the conveyor to swing from front to rear and locking increments ensures the operator can lock the conveyor every 10” for unloading versatility.



All 10-Series Seed Pro seed tenders feature a dual-compartment unloading chute design for handling multiple seed varieties.

The 5”x6” wheel-operated unloading doors and standard regulating baffle maximizes seed flow and direct seeds into the intake of the conveyor for increased unloading efficiency.


Models 410XL and 410 can carry up to four 50 seed unit boxes.


Easy-to-use heavy-duty steel hinge latches with locks securely fasten the pro boxes to the platform for worry-free operation.


A commercial-duty gas engine powers the hydraulic system and features an electric start, battery quick-disconnect for storage, and a large control box on the seed tender's conveyor side for easy operation.



The Unverferth Seed Pro is manufactured with the highest quality components for unmatched durability. Transportation from field to field goes quickly and smoothly with the rugged undercarriage design.


Models 410XL and 410 feature two 7,000 lb. tandem torsion axles and 235/85x16 highway-rated tires.


All models are standard with a bumper hitch with a 2-5/16” ball. Models 410XL and 410 can be equipped with a gooseneck hitch to match your towing vehicle.

For a smoother and gentler ride, you can equip your gooseneck hitch with an optional cushioned hitch receiver on models 410XL and 410.


Electric brakes are standard on all axles, transport chains, and appropriate highway lighting and markings for safer road travel.


Model 210 - 2 Seed Boxes
Overall Length (Conv. Forward)
with Bumper Hitch
Overall Length (Conv. Forward)
with Gooseneck Hitch
Overall Transport Width 8'6"
Overall Height to Top of Platform (without boxes) 5'6"
Overall Height to Top of Seed Boxes (with boxes) 10'9"
Platform Length 8'2"
Undercarriage Length 17'
Hitch to Back of Platform Length 17'
Undercarriage Deck Heith 1'10"
Underframe Clearance 1'2"
Conveyor Height in Transport Position 8'2"
Height to Top of Conveyor in Transport Position 10'2"
Conveyor Maximum Unload Height 12'4"
Conveyor Minimum Unload Height 8'2"
Conveyor Maximum Side Reach 13'
Conveyor Minimum Side Reach 11'
Approximate Empty Weight 3,800 lbs.
Loaded Tongue Weight 700 lbs.
Base Length (Less Undercarriage) 9'4"
Base Width (Less Undercarriage) 6'11"
Overall Height (Less Undercarriage) 9'5"
Reach with Standard 2-Stage Spout 30' (12-row planter)
Reach with Optional 3-Stage Spout 40' (16-Row planter)
Tongue Weight -Loaded (lbs.) 700
Hitch Type Std./Opt. 2-5/16" Ball
Lighting Connector 7-pin flat

Due to continuing improvements in the design and manufacture of Unverferth products, all specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice.

Accessories and Attachments

No two farming operations are exactly the same and the seed tender that serves your planting equipment should be tailored to fit your needs. Customize your Seed Pro with a wide range of industry-leading accessories such as wireless remotes, scales, talc applicators and much more!

Model 210 is available with a 2-function wireless remote that controls the conveyor on/off and raises/lowers the conveyor. 4-function wireless remote is also available and adds control of conveyor swing and seed door open/close.

The optional 2520 scale package has a four-point load cell system for ease of uniformly loading the planter with the desired amount of seed. The scale features a built-in calculator that determines the weight needed per box and tracks fields for each unload event.

The standard auto-shutoff feature will stop the conveyor once a pre-determined weight of seed has been reached so you can put the exact amount of seed in each box.

The hydraulically driven T&G Applicator option features a patented design that is synchronized with the conveyor speed for consistent application of talc or graphite, no matter how fast the conveyor is turning.

For a more stylized look, equip your Seed Pro model 410XL or 410 with aluminum wheels.

A three-stage telescoping downspout option is available for 8” and 6” conveyors that reach up to 44’ on XL models and 40’ on non-XL models.