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Unverferth AWST-42'

Unverferth AWST-42' for sale at King Ranch Ag & Turf

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Unverferth AWST-42' for sale at King Ranch Ag & Turf

6-Wheel All Wheel Steer AWST-42'

The Unverferth 6-Wheel All Wheel Steer (AWST) header transport is the ultimate in high-value header transportation. The 6-wheel steering design coupled with the patent-pending rear walking tandem axle design provides the greatest carrying capacity for today’s heavier heads and exceptional maneuverability. The standar... + Read More





The patent-pending six-wheel steering design offers sharper turning, greater maneuverability, and the best trailing to handle the heaviest corn heads or drapers. The front 14’ steering radius and 1.4:1 front-to-rear steering connection ratio ensures true tracking performance.


6-Wheel All Wheel Steer (AWST) models are available in 52’, 48' and 42' for hauling the largest corn heads, grain platforms and drapers, including those with stalk stomper attachments.


Patented four-position height adjustable rest brackets provide easy wrench-free adjustment and feature extra-tall backstops that can be flipped down for carrying low-profile headers. The rest bracket features side plates that pivot for use or storage.


The patent-pending rear walking tandem axle design not only provides heavier carrying capacities, but the innovative design keeps all 4 wheels and tires on the ground through uneven terrain. The rear walking tandem axle coupled with the 1.4:1 front steering ratio ensures greater maneuverability and the truest tracking performance down the road.


Heavy-duty greaseable 8-bolt hubs, automotive-type ball-joint steering, spindles with tapered roller bearings and new tires dependably carry all brands of corn heads and grain platforms.


All models are standard with four-wheel electric brakes with two brakes on the front axle and two brakes on the rearmost axle. The brake package includes a breakaway engagement for enhanced transport safety. All models also feature high-capacity IF320/65x15 tires for carrying the heaviest corn heads and draper heads.


The All-Wheel Steer header transport features a highly durable powder-coat finish in your choice of red, green or black for a long-lasting finish that resists corrosion.


Model AWST-42'
Fits Conventional Grain Platforms  42' & Smaller 
Fits Draper Platforms  42' & Smaller 
Fits Corn Heads  16 Row & Specialty Corn Head
Standard Tires  IF320/65R15
Maximum Head Weight* with  standard tires  16000
Approx. weight, with wheels and tires  4600
Tread Width  80" 
Height Adjustment (maximum) 4'3" 
Height Adjustment (minimum) 2'6" 
Bracket Height adjustment (maximum) 2'6" 
Bracket Height adjustment (minimum)  2'4" 
Upper support tube, dimensions  8"x 4" x 43' 
Hitch to front axle, standard latched position  12' 
Wheelbase  30' 
Overall length (Approximate)  51' 
Span between upper/lower bar  (maximum) 4'8"
Span between upper/lower bar  (minimum)  2'5" 

Accessories and Attachments

Optional mounting kits are available for John Deere hinged drapers, MacDon FD2-series drapers, Honey Bee drapers and Claas Convio drapers.  The John Deere hinged draper kit includes two riser brackets, two axle-mounted bracket assemblies, an upper bar landing pad kit, an extra set of tie-downs, and a drop-down tongue.  The MacDon FD2-series draper mounting kit includes three extension arms that raise the upper bar 12".