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SIP Peerless

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Peerless7000 RGPeerless 7000 Automatic Reel Grinder
Fastest. In tests comparing all of the major manufacturers’ grinders, the Peerless ground at least 2-3 times faster. The Peerless, with its unique grinding head and reel clamping design, can make heavier grinds with less vibration. And just because you can take heavy grinds doesn't mean you have to. This unique design also allows you to take very light grinds without grinding wheel hop or chatter.

Most precise. Only the Peerless can grind straight to within .001 inches and grind cylindrical and parallel within .002 inches. We can do this because of our revolutionary Total Parallel Grinding™ and Reel Diameter Tape™ measuring system.

Innovative. The optional TorqueControl™ Automatic Relief Grinding system allows you to choose the optimum grinding wheel width for the reel you are grinding so you can get the job done more quickly. The Peerless 7000 features adjustable legs so you can set the grinder to a comfortable operating height. It also features an automatic front door that opens and closes with the flip of a switch.

Grind your way. The Peerless 7000 lets you choose only the options you need. Options can be added when the grinder is purchased or at any time in the future.

Order Number 70000-01


Peerless6000 IdealIdeal 6000 Automatic Bed Knife Grinder
Our unique fixed dual grinding heads reduces set up and changeover times, eliminates interference between the grinding head and bed knife, and allows you to grind the top and front faces at the same time.

The grinder is fully enclosed to virtually eliminate dust and noise. The door opens and closes easily.

Distortion free mounting with your choice of pivot bolt support or bottom support pallets.

Order Number 60000-04


Peerless650 IdealIdeal 650 Bed Knife Grinder

Entry level bed knife grinder that outperforms the competitions' top of the line grinders.

Precise grinding automatically aligns the bed knife mounting pivot bolts parallel to the carriage travel so that both faces are ground parallel to the pivot bolts within .002 inches.

Distortion free mounting with our unique v-support pallet which eliminates any forces which could distort the bed knife while grinding.

Order Number 55000-01


Peerless Simplex5000Simplex 5000 Rotary Blade Mill
Fastest. Instead of grinding the rotary blade like other aftermarket sharpeners, the Simplex 5000 is a milling machine and duplicates the original manufacturing process. We sharpen the blade the same way the manufactures do. Now you can remove up to .050 inches per pass instead of just .001-.002 when grinding. This means in most cases, you can sharpen your rotary blades in a single pass.

Most precise. The custom mounting fixture is fully adjustable for any straight edge rotary blade. It precisely locates the blade so the same amount of material is removed from both ends, virutally eliminating the need to balance the blades when you are done.

Innovative. Using a milling process instead of grinding results in shelf to shelf times of 2 to 3 minutes per blade. The pnuematically balanced milling head lets the head feed smoothly and easily. The optional Vortec Air Cooling Systems keeps the blade cooler without creating a mess. Finally, the Power Feed option lets you sharpen blades in a production mode.

Order Numbers

50001-01 - Milling Machine with Tooling and Power Feed

50001-02 - Tooling and Fixtures for customers mill

50202-01 - Digital Read Out

50200-01 - Vortec Cooling


Peerless Simplex800Simplex 800 Lift Table
The Simplex 800E lift table is specifically designed to work with all of our table top reel grinders. The specially designed tilting ramps will let you easily roll a reel on the lift. The lift table will gently set the cutting unit in place so you do not have to roll the it across the grinder. It features 59 inches of lift, an 800 lb capacity and industrial grade casters. The electric over hydraulic cylinder provides smooth and quiet operation.The lift's industrial grade battery pack and motor provide plenty of power and speed.

Order Number 76900-01


Peerless theRackThe Rack
The Cutting Unit Rack has an underslung bottom shelf, fully adjustable intermediate shelves and a fixed top shelf that is just over 4 feet high. This allows it to store up to 11 cutting units in a very compact design. The casters are industrial grade and make it easy to roll the rack around in your shop. It is designed to perfectly compliment both the Peerless 7000 Reel Grinder and the Simplex 800 Lift Table. Assembly Required. Can now be shipped by UPS. 

Order Number 76600-01