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John Deere 2010DE 2-Tire Ejector Scraper

Model Photo


  • Struck Capacity: 10.4 m3 (13.6 cu. yd.)
  • Heaped Capacity: 15.3 m3 (20.0 cu. yd.)
  • Bowl Width: 3.2 m (10 ft. 6 in.) 



Half the cost, half the investment - Save up to 50 cents per cu yd

Maximize productivity and minimize costs with the John Deere scraper system

Throughout the world, contractors have been moving material with conventional self-propelled scrapers or rigid/articulated trucks and excavators. John Deere scraper tractors and scrapers are a valuable solution for contractors, allowing them to move the same material using half the labor, half the investment, and saving 30 cents per cu yd to 50 cents per cu yd.

9590RX Scraper Tractor and Tandem 2412D E Ejector Scrapers 9590RX Scraper Tractor and Tandem 2412D E Ejector Scrapers
2412D E Ejector Scraper 2412D E Ejector Scraper

Half the labor

The John Deere scraper system is an independent earthmoving system requiring one operator to load, transport, and spread the materials on a job site. Self-propelled and truck/excavator earthmoving systems need additional support equipment to assist with loading and spreading the materials, increasing labor requirements.


Half the investment

Compare the purchase price of a John Deere scraper tractor and scrapers to competitive systems. Factor in the labor costs, fuel burn, daily operating expenses of all the equipment used in the system, and it all adds up to half the savings over the life of the equipment.


Saving 30 to 50 cents per cu yd

The savings are already adding up with the reduced labor requirements and lower investment costs. Experience additional savings from reduced fuel consumption by having only one tractor engine performing all of the work. Increase productivity moving more yards per cycle when using the 16-m3 or 18.3-m3 (21-cu yd or 24-cu yd) scrapers in tandem or triple configurations.


Applications for the John Deere scraper systems are as follows:

  • Residential development
  • Commercial development
  • Road construction
  • Mining/quarries
  • Levee construction
  • Reservoir construction
  • Airport construction
  • Precision leveling

AutoLoad™ system for smooth loading and efficient operation

Manual loading (left) vs. AutoLoad (right) Manual loading (left) vs. AutoLoad (right)

An innovation in the earthmoving industry exclusive to John Deere, the AutoLoad feature allows novice and experienced operators alike to be consistently productive while operating John Deere tractors and scrapers with the touch of a button, even if they have never operated tractors and scrapers.

Top-loading John Deere scrapers increase productivity for all applications

Tandem 2412D E being top-loaded Tandem 2412D E being top-loaded

John Deere scrapers are designed to handle the harsh conditions of top-loading scrapers. The updated swept-back design to the top off the ejector wall provides a better, unobstructed bowl opening. Heavily shielded hydraulic lines, cylinders, and components provide protection when top loading needs arise. When conditions do not allow for direct loading, John Deere scraper systems can provide as much as 80 tons per cycle in top loading capacity with triples.


Top-loading produces a force caused by the weight of the material falling into the scraper. With the scraper sitting on the ground, this force travels into the ground through the frame of the scraper. If the scraper is in the raised position, the force could cause extreme hydraulic pressure spikes, which can severely damage the hydraulic system of the scraper tractor and scraper.


During top loading procedure, make sure the scraper blade is lowered and resting on the ground.


Top-loading scrapers in the raised position could void the scraper warranty.

Push loadable ejectors tackle the toughest conditions

All John Deere ejector scrapers are approved for push loading with a crawler
John Deere crawler pushes an ejector scraper John Deere crawler pushes an ejector scraper

Sometimes, harsh conditions call for a little extra power. In the world of self-propelled scrapers, push loading with a crawler is a way of life.


While John Deere pull-type scrapers can direct load in almost any condition, the ability to push load has been built into the design of the ejector line to give earthmovers the additional versatility to which they are accustomed. Rock, hard pan, or heavy gumbos are just a few of the conditions where a crawler assist can keep the dirt moving.


Push loading is approved in single, tandem, and triple ejector trains where a rear scraper extended rear bumper is employed. The 2010D E and 2412D E two-tire models feature an integrated push block standard.

Automate water management with iGrade™ leveling system

Precision level custom land formations to better manage water
iGrade iGrade

The iGrade controller enables and automates new water management applications, as well as John Deere's existing water management tool, Surface Water Pro™ Plus system. iGrade offers the ability to generate a basic plane and grade, as well as perform distance-based tasks – all while automatically controlling the height of the scraper blade.


iGrade provides four applications to complete different tasks:

  • Surface Water Pro Plus automation
  • Grade control
  • Distance trip
  • Plane control

The iGrade controller works with many of the different John Deere Precision Ag Technology components producers may already own, such as:

  • Gen 5 Tractor Display
  • StarFire 6000 Receiver
  • AutoTrac™ assisted steering system
  • Surface Water Pro Plus
  • As well as legacy equipment

iGrade is approved for the following platforms:

  • All versions of Deere Scraper Tractos
  • Versions of 8 Series John Deere Tractors
  • Any selective control valve (SCV) operated water-management implement approved for the above John Deere tractors

NOTE: iGrade requires the receiver to have a real-time kinetic (RTK) signal level. iGrade does not support wide-area augmentation system (WAAS), SF1, or SF2 signal levels. 

Versatile and productive in a number of applications

John Deere scraper systems in construction
Top-loading large-scale commercial construction Top-loading large-scale commercial construction
Small-scale residential construction Small-scale residential construction

In both large- and small-scale jobs for commercial and residential applications, John Deere scraper systems shine. From 41.3 m³ to 13.8 m³ (54 cu yd to 18 cu yd), with the pull of a pin, John Deere scrapers make it versatile enough for contractors who work in a broad range of job types.


John Deere scrapers are a valuable part of any construction fleet, whether as the primary mover or a complement to other equipment. Scrapers excavate, carry, spread, and grade material, making it the most efficient and versatile machine on any job site.

Agricultural applications
Precision leveling farm land with iGrade™ leveling system Precision leveling farm land with iGrade™ leveling system
Levee construction Levee construction

John Deere scraper systems are not just for precision laser land leveling. A sophisticated suite of precision agriculture products is offered, including iGrade for land leveling and Surface Water Pro™ Plus system for ditching and levee building.


The scrapers are also perfect for cattle feed lot maintenance, grain bin foundations, waterway topsoil reclamation, commercial ponds, and much more. Anywhere material needs to be moved, John Deere scrapers provide a solution that can excavate, carry, and grade material with one operator, one implement, and one tractor. This gives the grower or contractor a level of efficiency that cannot be achieved with most traditional construction equipment.

Mining applications
Scrapers hauling coal Scrapers hauling coal
Stripping overburden Stripping overburden

Just as contractors have adopted scrapers for their exemplary cost and productivity, miners look for greater efficiency when moving dirt or mined material. Scrapers are an excellent way to strip and reclaim overburden in pit mines or to simply haul stockpiled mined material such as coal.


John Deere scrapers are built to handle the most unique materials – nimble enough to handle light materials like coal yet rugged enough for heavier materials like wet sea salt.

Waste management applications
Building cells in a landfill Building cells in a landfill

John Deere scraper systems are perfect for building and covering landfill cells in waste management applications. Waste management companies have experienced tremendous savings by trading in their trucks and excavators for the John Deere scraper system.


Scrapers not only do a great job of creating a cell, but their ability to spread material on grade make it ideal for covering waste. The gang of tires compact the material as it is unloaded and will not destroy haul roads. The scraper’s heavy-duty, rock-lug tires can handle the hazardous conditions found in a landfill. When heavy-garbage trucks deteriorate the offloading ramp, use the scraper blade to grade and rebuild it.

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