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John Deere 366 Front Blade

Model Photo


  • Wide, 66-in. (167-cm) blading width is perfectly designed to accomplish a variety of tasks from spreading gravel or dirt and plowing snow
  • Blade kick back feature protects against damage if objects are accidentally struck
  • Easily raise, lower and angle while seated with the tractor's dual selective control valve (SCV)



Front 3-point hitch with A-frame adapter (model year 2017 and newer 2032R, 2038R, 3033R-3046R, and 3120-3720)

Front hitch works with a variety of implements Front hitch works with a variety of implements
A-frame adapter provides quick-attach/detach A-frame adapter provides quick-attach/detach

The front 3-point hitch is designed to be a more robust solution for use with front implements. This design is the standard in Europe where the majority of tractors are sold with front hitches. The advantages to a front 3-point hitch over a Quik-Tatch™ style hitch are the following:

  • 90 percent of the front hitch can be left on the tractor when a loader is installed. (Only the lower draft arms, top link, and A-frame need to be removed. This is accomplished with quick release pins.)
  • 100 percent of the hitch can be left on when a mid-mount mower deck is installed. (The hitch cannot be raised and lowered, so it not recommended that the operator leave an implement on the hitch, but it can be installed.)
  • The A-frame adapter is an industry standard (like iMatch™ system) with which other implement manufacturers design interfaces.  There are other products, like front mowers, in the market that can be used with this front hitch.
  • The A-frame adapter allows for tool-free, quick change between implements.
  • The same front hitch can be used with the 366 Front Blade, 59 Snow Blower, and 60 HD Broom.
Front 3-point hitch attachments

Front 3-point hitch attachment breakdown

Hydraulic blade angling


The 366 Front Blade is raised, lowered, and angled hydraulically with the tractor's dual selective control valve (SCV).  You can easily use the standard joystick on the tractor to hydraulically angle the blade 30 degrees in either direction. The hydraulic cylinders on the blade have a crossover relief valve that allows the system to kick back if an object is struck that would cause damage the cylinders or the blade.  The cylinders are heavy duty to tackle a variety of tasks from moving to dirt or gravel to plowing snow.

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