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John Deere 120 Drawn Flail Shredder

Model Photo


  • Front rubber deflectors
  • Heavy-duty gearbox
  • Steel rotor bearings
  • Convenient rear grease fittings



Drawn tractor hookup

Drawn tractor hookup Drawn tractor hookup
The 100 Series Flail Shredder is available with a drawn tractor hookup.

Rubber deflectors will not dent or rust

Rubber deflectors Rubber deflectors
Front rubber deflectors keep debris and other materials under the shredder and away from the tractor and operator. Because they are made out of rubber, they will not dent or rust.

Heavy-duty John Deere-designed gearbox

Gearbox Gearbox

A heavy-duty gearbox transfers power to the power-band drive belts through cross shafts with intermediate bearing supports:

  • Gearbox has a constant-duty rating of 150 hp and a maximum rating of 225 hp.

Steel rotor bearings for increased bearing life

Rotor bearings Rotor bearings

The rotor bearings are now made of steel and have a three-lip seal to keep the dirt out and increase the life of the bearings.


The side and center bearings now have guards in order to avoid leaks and dust, increasing the life of the bearings.

Power requirements

Tractor PTO hp range 67-200 kW
90-200 hp
Tractor RPM 1,000 rpm
Gear case


Number of knives 160
Knife dimensions
Knife mounting system 7.87 x 63.5 x 143 mm
0.31 x 2.5 x 5.63 in.
Type Heat-treated, reversible, side-slicer, hard-faced, tungsten-carbide knives optional
Knives overlap
Tip speed 171 km/h
106 mph


Rotor speed 1,500 rpm
Rotor diameter 139.7 mm
5.5 in.
Rotor bearing Sealed, self-aligning; piloted housing, auxiliary seals, and grease cavities
Bearing size 41.15 mm
1.62 in.


Belts Power-band, triple 5VX
PTO drivelines


Hitch Drawn
Hood thickness 6.35 mm
1/4 in.
Safety deflector Yes
Gauge wheels 7.60-15 infinitely adjustable row spaces
Warning lights

Cutting capacity

Cutting width 6.1 m
20 ft
Cutting height 7.6 to 25.4 cm
3 to 10 in.


Transport width 2.4 m
7.8 ft
Transport length 7.3 m
24.1 ft
Weight 2,100 kg
4,630 lb

Optional equipment

Easy transport Yes
Constant velocity joint driveline Yes
Skid shoes

Additional information

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