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John Deere 25A Flail Mower

Model Photo


  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Uses a heavy-duty gearbox with a rating of 65 hp
  • Compatible with any Category 1 3-point hitch



Adjustable cutting height

Roller Roller

The roller can be set at four different cutting heights, from 1.3 cm to 12.7 cm (1/2 in. to 5 in.) The tractor's 3-point hitch upper link is used to regulate the cutting height between these positions.

Power take-off (PTO) drive shaft and gearbox

Heavy-duty gearbox Heavy-duty gearbox
PTO drive shaft PTO drive shaft

All mowers use a heavy-duty gearbox with a continuous rating of 65 hp.


The power is transmitted through fully shielded, telescoping drive shafts with quick-attach and detach characteristics for easy hookup.

36 flail-knife rotor provides uniform distribution of pulverized material

Rotor and knives Rotor and knives

A three-bank, counterbalanced rotor is equipped with 36 individually replaceable knives:

  • Rotor revolves at 1850 rpm to produce a 152.9-km/h (95-mph) blade-tip speed for a clean cut.
  • Knives are arranged on the rotor to provide uniform distribution of material across the full cutting width.
  • Knives pivot at their mounting points to minimize damage if an obstruction is hit.

Tractor hookup

Tractor hookup Tractor hookup

The 25A hitch is now compatible with any Category 1 3-point hitch (with or without the iMatch™ Quick-Coupler system).


iMatch compatibility starts with serial number 644700.

Key Specs

Cutting width
Cutting height
Blades - Number
Blades - Type
Rotor - Diameter
Tractor horsepower required - Minimum
Tractor horsepower required - Maximum
Quick-coupler compatible
Weight - Approximate


Cutting width Centered

1.98 m
78 in.
Cutting height 13 to 127 mm
0.5 to 5 in.
Hood thickness 3.2 mm
0.125 in.


Number 72 (36 pairs)
Type Smooth-cut, cupped-type
Tip speed


Speed 1,850 rpm
Diameter 114 mm
4.5 in.


PTO 540 rpm
Gear case (cont. rating)
Belts Single HC section
Gauge roller 140 mm
5.5 in.

Tractor HP Required

Minimum 22 kW
30 hp
Maximum 56 kW
75 hp

3-Point Hitch

Quick-coupler compatible Yes (Category 1 and 2)


Overall width 2.53 m
99 in.
Overall height 0.99 m
39 in.
Overall length 1 m
40 in.


Approximate 278 kg
612 lb

Additional information

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