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Integrated Solutions

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Unlock the power of integrated solutions for your agricultural and turf management needs at King Ranch Ag Turf. Our dedicated Integrated Solutions department offers a comprehensive array of cutting-edge technologies and expert guidance to streamline your operations and maximize productivity. From precision agriculture tools to advanced turf management systems, we provide tailored solutions to optimize every aspect of your farming or landscaping venture. Dive into our curated selection of innovative products and services, meticulously designed to enhance efficiency and yield. With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, King Ranch Ag Turf is your premier destination for seamlessly integrating technology into your agricultural practices. Explore our Integrated Solutions page today and revolutionize your approach to farming and turf management.

For questions or help concerning AMS, contact:
Tyler Hoelscher
Integrated Solutions Manager
Office (361) 236-7499
Cell (361) 291-3898

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NetworkMap buttonWhat is AMS?
John Deere’s Agricultural Management Solutions (AMS) is a range of integrated products and services that maximize the performance of your machines and your business.


Who is it for?

  • Arable: Increase profitability with accurate guidance, remote support and online data tracking.
  • Contractor: Maximize productivity and deliver outstanding quality services to your customers.
  • Livestock: Cut input costs and improve hay and forage quality.
  • Speciality: Boost performance and profits with integrated guidance and repeatable accuracy.

Improve your performance in four key areas:

With our StarFire receivers you choose from 4 kinds of accuracy levels for the ultimate in scalable performance. 


Guidance & Automation

Guidance & Automation

A complete range of integrated satellite guidance and control systems, from manual to fully automated control.


Learn more about John Deere Guidance & Automation


Precision FarmingPrecision Farming

A range of solutions that improve the efficiency of your crop production.



Learn more about John Deere Precision Farming

Connected Farm ManagementConnected Farm Management

Your central location to connect to your fields, operators and machines.



  • Store, visualize and organize all field information
  • Manage jobs more efficiently
  • Proactive maintenance, remote service and support capabilities