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For questions or help concerning parts, call Hailley, Rick, John, Priscilla at 361-387-2564 or email Teresa Gwosdz at

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Parts Department

  • Robstown, TX Teresa Gwosdz
    Teresa Gwosdz
    Parts Manager
    (361) 426-5697
  • Robstown, TX Rick Hall
    Rick Hall
    Parts Counter Sales
    (361) 236-7814
  • Robstown, TX John Trevino
    John Trevino
    Parts Counter Sales
    (361) 426-5635
  • Robstown, TX Hailley Herrera
    Hailley Herrera
    Parts Counter Sales
    (361) 426-5611
  • Robstown, TX Sam Alaniz
    Sam Alaniz
    Part Delivery & Warehouse
  • Houston South, TX Justin Lutz
    Justin Lutz
    Corporate Parts Manager
  • Houston South, TX Jerry Barrientos
    Jerry Barrientos
    Parts Manager
  • Houston South, TX John Lopez
    John Lopez
    Parts Sales
  • Houston South, TX Manny Diaz
    Manny Diaz
    Parts Sales
  • Houston South, TX Frank Perez
    Frank Perez
    Parts Sales
  • Spring, TX Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez
    Parts Manager
  • Spring, TX  T-Bow Lairscey
    T-Bow Lairscey
    Parts Sales
  • Spring, TX Chris De La Riva
    Chris De La Riva
    Parts Sales
  • Jersey Village, TX Edgar Maldonado
    Edgar Maldonado
    Parts Manager
  • Jersey Village, TX Gilbert Trevino
    Gilbert Trevino
    Parts Sales
  • Jersey Village, TX Joe Parkinson
    Joe Parkinson
    Parts Sales
  • Jersey Village, TX Favian Ferman
    Favian Ferman
    Parts Sales
  • League City, TX Walter Campos
    Walter Campos
    Parts Sales
  • League City, TX Eli Pena
    Eli Pena
    Parts Sales
  • Katy, TX John Hughes
    John Hughes
    Parts Manager
  • Katy, TX Jason Clark
    Jason Clark
    Parts Sales
  • Katy, TX Zane Frazier
    Zane Frazier
    Parts Sales
  • Houston Southwest, TX Luis Barraza
    Luis Barraza
    Parts Manager
  • Angleton, TX Telisa Wilhelm
    Telisa Wilhelm
    Parts Manager
  • Angleton, TX Danny Tweedle
    Danny Tweedle
    Parts Sales
  • Angleton, TX Myrasia Morelli
    Myrasia Morelli
    Parts Sales
  • Hockley, TX Will Peterson
    Will Peterson
    Parts Manager
  • Hockley, TX Jorge Zuniga
    Jorge Zuniga
    Parts Sales
  • Hockley, TX Christian Perla
    Christian Perla
    Parts Sales
  • Conroe, TX Wilber Amaya
    Wilber Amaya
    Parts Manager
  • Conroe, TX Chris Golembieski
    Chris Golembieski
    Parts Sales
  • Conroe, TX Dan Aragon
    Dan Aragon
    Parts Sales