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John Deere 1200 Series Axle

Model Photo

1200 Series

  • Peak output torque: 35,000 Nm (310,000 in-lb)
  • Peak Vertical Load: 240,000 N (54,000 lb)
  • Reduction ratios: 4.333:1 - 33.429:1



Custom build

  • Inboard planetary final drive design
  • Increases tire size flexibility since the planetary does not compete for wheel space
  • Enables a wider variety of acceptable track widths than outboard designs
  • One integral oiling and cooling system
  • Independent or dual service brake actuation
  • Spiral bevel gear set design allows bi-directional operation
  • Input housings designed for use with oscillation hardware
  • Spring applied hydraulic release or manually applied park brakes are available on fixed mounted axles
  • Inboard wet brakes increase reliability and provide spark-free operation for regulatory compliance in hazardous environments
  • Inboard planetary design reduces heat transfer to tires
  • One oil supply is used for all planetary, brake and differential components, for better component cooling

Cost effective

  • We can "custom build" an axle to your specific feature, torque and load requirements. Our building block design consists of twelve modules of varying sizes, load capacity, ratios and specifications.
  • We will select the torque and load carrying capacity that best suits your application
  • Three axle families to better match your load and torque requirements
  • Gray or ductile iron axle housings for improved load matching
  • Standard or heavy-duty wheel bearings selected based on load requirements
  • Standard or extra wide planetaries available for better torque, shock and reverse load matching

Long axle life

  • The Final drives and Spiral Bevel gear set along with the structural components are designed for extreme applications
  • Planetaries not packaged into the wheel, allowing for larger size, which effectively handles torque and forward-reverse transitions making them more reliable
  • Sliding tooth contact of the spiral bevel gear set is minimized for longer life
  • A large oil sump ensures cool operation which allows longer life of the Spiral Bevel gear set, final drives, differential, differential bearings and pinion bearings
  • Inboard wet disk brakes are protected from contaminants and can last up to four times longer than dry disk brakes
  • Inboard wet disk brakes operate cooler and last longer due to large sump
  • No brake lines at the wheel end requiring protection
  • Inboard wet brakes provide spark-free operation for regulatory compliance in hazardous environments


  • Application engineers ensure axle specifications meet your vehicle torque, load,and operating performance requirements

General Data

Peak vertical load 240,000 N (54,000 lb)
Peak axle torque 35,000 Nm (310,000 in-lb)
Oil capacity 19 L (20 qt)
Flange to flange narrow 1300 mm (51.18 in)
Flange to flange offset 1500 mm (59.10 in)
Flange to flange standard 1700 mm (66.93 in)
Flange to flange wide 1953 mm (76.89 in)
Approximate dry weight 726 kg (1600 lb)

Differential Options

No-spin DIF-LOK  
Hydraulic DIF-LOK