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John Deere 6135SFM85 Constant-Speed Auxiliary & Generator Engine

Model Photo


  • 13.5L PowerTechâ„¢
  • 334-416 kW (448-558 hp)



Optional Low Rpm Operation

  • A lower speed option provides the user the ability to start the engine without going to the gen-set rated speed and allows the user to clutch in an accessory that may be driven by the engine.

4-Valve Cylinder Head

  • Excellent airflow through 4-valve cylinder head delivers greater low-speed torque and better transient response time.

Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI)

  • The EUI fuel system provides higher injection pressures. It also controls fuel injection timing and provides precise control for start, duration, and end of injection.

Water-Cooled Exhaust Manifold

  • Integrated components eliminate external hoses and fittings. Wet exhaust manifold creates a cooler and quieter environment for passengers and crew.

Turbocharged With Air-To-Seawater Aftercooling

  • Cooler turbocharger operation enables higher ratings and efficiencies for applications that require high power or speed.

Replaceable Cylinder Liners

  • Replaceable wet-type cylinder liners are precision-machined and hardened for long life. Allows engine to be rebuilt to original specifications.

Electronic Engine Control Unit (ECU)

  • Advanced fault code diagnostics and customizable engine protections ensure reliability and uptime. Provides highly customizable features and trim to integrate your vessel.

Heat Exchanger

  • High-capacity heat exchanger designed for reliable operation in adverse conditions.

Multiple Service Options

  • Either-side oil fill/dipstick combinations and remote oil and fuel filter options are available for easier service access.

Emissions Certifications

EPA Tier 3  
IMO Tier 2  

General Data (based on standard option configuration)

Model 6135SFM85
Number of cylinders 6
Displacement-- L (cu in) 13.5 (824)
Bore and Stroke-- mm (in) 132 x 165 (5.20 x 6.50)
Engine Type In-line, 4-cycle
Aspiration Air-to-sea water
Length - mm (in) 1818 (71.6)
Width Maximum - mm (in) 1063 (41.9)
Length to rear face of flywheel housing - mm (in) 1444 (56.9)
Flywheel housing SAE 1
Height - mm (in) 1176 (46.3)
Height, crankshaft centerline to top - mm (in) 812 (32.0)
Height, crankshaft centerline to bottom - mm (in) 364 (14.3)
Weight, dry - kg (lb) 1426 (3144)

Calculated Generator-set Rating - 1800 RPM

Rated Speed Hz (rpm) 60 ( 1800 )
Generator efficiency % 88-92
Engine Power Prime kW (hp) 416 (557.9)
Power factor 0.8
Calculated generator set rating prime - kWe 366-383
Calculated generator set rating prime - kVA 457-479

Calculated Generator-set Rating - 1500 RPM

Rated Speed Hz (rpm) 50 ( 1500 )
Generator efficiency % 88-92
Engine Power Prime kW (hp) 334 (447.9)
Power factor 0.8
Calculated generator set rating prime - kWe 294-307
Calculated generator set rating prime - kVA 367-384