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John Deere 320 P-Tier Backhoe

320 P-Tier

  • Net Peak Power: 84 kW (113 hp) at 1,900 rpm
  • Max. Standard Dipperstick Digging Depth: 4.35 m (14 ft. 3 in.)
  • Operating Weight: 7146 kg (15,754 lb.)



Enhanced John Deere 4.5L Engine Performance and Reliability

John Deere PowerTech™ EWL Engine John Deere PowerTech™ EWL Engine

The John Deere PowerTech™ EWL that eliminates the need for a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system.  Underground utility customers will appreciate the increased power, improved torque, and greater reliability compared to the previous design.  For models 310 P, 320 P, 410 P, 710 P. 


  • EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4)/EU Stage IV emission certified. 
  • 3–7 percent net horsepower increase (over Power Tech Plus configuration) with improved torque curve. 
  • Removal of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system and components (plumbing, cooler, and sensors).  
  • Simpler two-valve cylinder-head design. Redesigned and improved fuel-filter location enables easy access when changing filters.
  • Does not require a DPF, reducing maintenance costs on the aftertreatment system. 

Exceptional hydraulic performance, control, and multifunctioning

Backhoe Hydraulic System Backhoe Hydraulic System

Pressure-compensated, load sensing (PCLS) hydraulics, provide better multifunctioning, smoother machine control, and up to 15 percent greater craning capacity with Lift Mode, collectively providing a distinctive customer experience and unmatched machine reliability. PCLS are highly valuable for Underground customers due to its productivity, lift capacity, quality and reliability  



  • The variable displacement axial piston pump creates hydraulic flow on demand, increasing hydraulic efficiency, decreasing fuel consumption, and lowering the daily operating cost for your customer.  The field proven SCX 180 rear valve is common for all PCLS machines (320 P, 410 P, 710 P) 
  • Selective flow auxiliary rate selection adjusted within the main display, eliminating the need to get out of the cab and adjust a manual knob on all PCLS machines. 
  • Buttons for the horn, selective flow, auxiliary proportional roller, and extendable dipperstick have been incorporated into the pilot controls 
  • The PCLS system enables excellent multifunctioning ability at all engine speeds. 
  • Trenching operation can be conducted at a lower engine rpm, reducing fuel consumption and jobsite noise. 
  • Precision mode reduces hydraulic flow by 55 percent, allowing accurate, detailed backhoe work to be performed without sacrificing overall hydraulic-lift performance.  Ideal for working in tight areas, around utilities, or while craning. Inexperienced operators will be able to use this feature to become comfortable with the backhoe, as they master their operating skills.  Precision Mode can be activated with the press of a button on the SSM. 

Easy to Operate Autoshift Transmission

Powershift™ Transmission Powershift™ Transmission

John Deere continues with its PowerShift™ Transmission and can be manually shifted by use of the transmission control lever.  5 forward, 3 reverse gears. 


Autoshift is now included in the base machine configuration.  When enabled on the sealed-switch module, Autoshift automatically shifts the PowerShift™ transmission to the appropriate gear. Simply set the control lever to the highest gear desired, and the transmission will optimally shift based on engine rpm and ground speed. 


  • Heavy duty transmission oil filter standard on all machines for increased reliability 
  • Hydraulically actuated clutch packs for smooth shifting and reliable performance under all operating conditions and loads 
  • ‘Manual mode’ provides an easy to reach and use twist grip Transmission Control Lever (TCL)  
  • Autoshift improves the operator experience during transport or load and carry applications 
Transmission Control Lever (TCL) Transmission Control Lever (TCL)

Ability to Work in Wet and Muddy Conditions

Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) Front Axle Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) Front Axle

Mechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD) with limited slip differential.  The main MFWD on/off control is mounted on the RH console.   


  • Limited slip front axle delivers 65% of available power to the tire with the best traction for true all-wheel-drive pulling power 
  • Completely sealed axle has no breathers to maintain or service, promoting reliability (axle breathers can be susceptible to water and/or dirt intrusion) 
  • The machine will automatically disable the MFWD in 4th gear to reduce tire wear. 
  • Extend tire tread life with Momentary MFWD for ‘on the fly’ activation.  Controlled with a touch of a button on the loader lever.   Great for engaging a pile or briefly powering through sticky or slippery terrain. 






Transmission Control Lever (TCL)


Engine Manufacturer John Deere
Engine Model PowerTech EWL 4.5L
Displacement, ltr (Inches³) 4.5 (276)
Rated Speed, rpm 1900
Engine Output - Net, kW (hp) 84 (113)
Transmission Type Power Shift
Service Brake Type Wet Disc


Max length with ext. Stick, mm (ft/in) 7280 (23 ft 11 in)
Height over ext Stick, mm (ft/in) 3480 (11 ft 5 in)
Maximum Width, mm (ft/in) 2184 (7 ft 2 in)
Width over tires, mm (ft/in) 2184 (7 ft 2 in)
Wheelbase - 4WD, mm (ft/in) 2190 (7 ft 2 in)
Ground Clearance, mm (inches) 330 (13)
Width - General Purpose Bucket, mm (ft/in) 2184 (7 ft 2 in)
Bucket Rotation - Position 1, Degrees 190
Bucket Pin Height - General Purpose, mm (ft/in) 3470 (11 ft 5 in)
Dump Height - General Purpose, mm (ft/in) 2760 (9 ft 1 in)
Dump Reach - General Purpose, mm (inches) 678 (26.7)
Digging Depth - General Purpose, mm (inches) 83 (3.3)


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 128.7 (34)
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 45 (11.9)
Capacity Heaped - Bucket 1, m³ (ft³) 0.21 (7)
Bucket Capacity - Standard General Purpose, m³ (yd³) 0.86 (1.12)
Bucket Tearout - Non-Extending Dipper, kN (lbf) 55 (12356)
Stick tearout, kN (lbf) 36.6 (8229)
Bucket Breakout - General Purpose, kN (lbf) 49.2 (11052)
Lift To Full Height - General Purpose Bucket, kg (lbs) 3492 (7698)
Pump Variable Axial Piston Pump


Operating Weight, kg (lbs) 7908 (17434)